Taylor Stephens

@Tay_Steve Portfolio Born and raised in Burlington, NC, Taylor wants pursue a career as a stylist so she can work with others to showcase their personalities and the best version of themselves through their wardrobe. Taylor believes that everyone deserves to feel confident and empowered in their clothing every day. Inspired by the musical, La […]

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Rebecca Love

Born and raised in Sanford, NC, Rebecca has always loved fashion and believes it reflects who someone is as a person. She has always dreamed of owning her own boutique and is working towards achieving that goal upon graduation in May. Inspired by the 1920s shift dress silhouette, Rebecca’s collection showcases the idea that comfort […]

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Shelby Burgess

Shelby was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, where her love for fashion started early. She believes that fashion is the ultimate form of expression, and the best way to tell a lot about a person. She appreciates all styles and feels nobody should have to stick to one. Shelby’s inspiration stems directly from […]

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Savannah Bain

Born and raised in Belmont, NC, Savannah has always been interested in fashion and femininity. She believes that women who wear their favorite little black dress gain a boost of confidence and look effortlessly chic. Savannah strives to always portray originality and poise in every design she creates. Inspired by bohemian style and occasion wear, […]

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Micah Galloway

Portfolio Raised on the coastal shorelines of South Carolina, Micah grew up embracing the innate beauty that encompassed her. Embodying the essence of such a colorful landscape has played part in her creative ability throughout life. Micah’s Silent but Deadly Collection, takes imaginativeness from her youth and fuses it with a spotlight placed on the […]

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